1. He looks like a total nerd, right? This guy looks like a geek, but his name’s Mike. He’s one of the most hardcore guys in the scene.”

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    Here’s what the Coachella poster looks like to non-assholes.

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    The Menzingers

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  6. "It’s none of Pirate’s business." - Gravity’s Rainbow

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    White Lung - Sorry

    >Punk Rock

    This record has an awesome sound, really love it when bands can create their own distinct sound. Angry, fast, DIY. The vocals can take some getting used to though, they’re shouted in a unique style which I have come to love. 8.0 on pitchfork if that matters to you.


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  9. “Old time hockey?”

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    Pushkin - farewell to the sea,


    Ilya Repin, Ivan Aivazovsky

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